Spring Recruitment will be taking place from January 7th through January 16th of 2022. Be sure to register here before December 31st!

Recruitment this year will be 100% virtual due to COVID-19.

We know how tough these times are right now because of the pandemic, which is why our chapter is offering different status options to best fit our members needs and situations during the pandemic.


If you are an alumna and would like to send a letter of recommendation for a PNM, you can find the form online here with instructions to submit in online. If you are unable to submit through the online form, please send to the following address:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Vice Presidents of Recruitment Anne Elizabeth Blackburn and Anna Kerwin at cagammavpr@gmail.com or our Vice President of Community Relations Olivia Petretich at cagammavpcr@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting everyone soon!



Membership Options:

We know how tough these times are right now, so our chapter is offering different status options to best fit our members' needs and situations during the pandemic.

  • Remote Student Status: For a reduced price, members are able to remain an active member and participate in any remote meetings and sisterhood events. Those on remote student status will have no access to the house or in person meetings or events (if there are any). Remote members participate in recruitment, and are eligible to be Bigs.
  • Meal Plan/House Plan: Those on this plan are an active member and have limited access to the house (first floor and patio area) for meals (Lunch M-F, Dinner M-Th, including to- go meals and late plates) and for studying or meetings. They participate in remote meetings and events, plus could attend in person meetings or events (if any). These members participate in recruitment and are eligible to be Bigs. All social distancing guidelines must be followed.
  • Undergraduate Alumna Status: Any member who will not be enrolled at USC during the spring semester, should submit university confirmation of that, and will automatically be placed on UAS. Members who are enrolled in school, but who feel they meet the qualifications for UAS (experiencing unforeseen and extreme financial issues, health reasons, etc) must fill out an application for UAS status. The application is reviewed by AAC and the national office for approval. If approved, the member is considered an alumni. If their situation changes, they can request to become an active member again.

Exciting News! 

After our chapter facility was closed for half of the Spring 2020 semester and all of Fall 2020, we are excited to announce that the Ca Gamma Pi Phi Chapter Facility will be OPEN for the Spring 2022 semester! Those on the Meal Plan/House Plan will have access to the house for meals, studying, or meetings. We cannot wait to safely welcome our angels home starting January 15th.


Don't Forget

  • USC Panhellenic chapters (including Pi Beta Phi) are offering reduced dues because of COVID-19
  • Recruitment registration has been reduced to $10
  • Registration for recruitment closes on December 31st at 11:59 pm
  • Both USC Panhellenic and Pi Beta Phi offer scholarships for dues. For more information on scholarships, please click here to learn about USC Panhellenic scholarships or visit our "Scholarships" tab to learn more about Pi Phi scholarships.